Adobe InDesign Windows Shortcuts

Selection toolV, Esc
Direct Selection toolA
Toggle Selection and Direct Selection toolCtrl+Tab
Page toolShift+P
Gap toolU
Pen toolP
Add Anchor Point tool=
Add Anchor Point tool=
Delete Anchor Point tool
Convert Direction Point toolShift+C
Type toolT
Type On A Path toolShift+T
Pencil tool (Note tool)N
Line tool\
Rectangle Frame toolF
Rectangle toolM
Ellipse toolL
Rotate toolR
Scale toolS
Shear toolO
Free Transform toolE
Eyedropper toolI
Measure toolK
Gradient toolG
Scissors toolC
Hand toolH
Temporarily selects Hand toolSpacebar (Layout mode), Alt (Text mode), or Alt+Spacebar (both)
Zoom toolZ
Temporarily selects Zoom In toolCtrl+Spacebar
Toggle Fill and StrokeX
Swap Fill and StrokeShift+X
Toggle between Formatting Affects Container and Formatting Affects TextJ
Apply Color, [comma]
Apply Gradient. [period]
Apply No Color/
Switch between Normal View and Preview ModeW
Frame Grid tool (horizontal)Y
Frame Grid tool (vertical)Q
Gradient Feather toolShift+G
Temporarily select Selection or Direct Selection tool (last used)Any tool (except selection tools)+Ctrl
Temporarily select Group Selection toolDirect Selection tool+Alt; or Pen, Add Anchor Point, or Delete Anchor Point tool+Alt+Ctrl
Select container of selected contentEsc or double-click
Select content of selected containerShift+Esc or double-click
Add to or subtract from a selection of multiple objectsSelection, Direct Selection, or Group Selection tool+Shift–click (to deselect, click center point)
Duplicate selectionSelection, Direct Selection, or Group Selection tool+Alt–drag
Duplicate and offset selectionAlt+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow key
Duplicate and offset selection by 10 timesAlt+Shift+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow key
Move selectionLeft Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow key
Move selection by 10thCtrl+Shift+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down arrow key
Move selection by 10 timesShift+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow key
Select master page item from document pageSelection or Direct Selection tool+Ctrl+Shift–click
Select next object behind or in frontSelection tool+Ctrl–click, or Selection tool+Alt+Ctrl–click
Select next or previous frame in storyAlt+Ctrl+Page Down/ Alt+Ctrl+Page Up
Select first or last frame in storyShift+Alt+Ctrl+Page Down/ Shift+Alt+Ctrl+Page Up
Duplicate and transform selectionTransformation tool+Alt–drag
Display Transform tool dialog boxSelect object+double-click Scale tool, Rotate tool, or Shear tool in Toolbox
Decrease scale by 1%Ctrl+,
Decrease scale by 5%Ctrl+Alt+,
Increase scale by 1%Ctrl+.
Increase scale by 5%Ctrl+Alt+.
Resize frame and contentSelection tool+Ctrl–drag
Resize frame and content proportionatelySelection tool+Shift+Ctrl–drag
Constrain proportionEllipse tool, Polygon tool, or Rectangle tool+Shift–drag
Switch image from High Quality Display to Fast DisplayCtrl+Alt+Shift+Z
Temporarily select Convert Direction Point toolDirect Selection tool+Alt+Ctrl, or Pen tool+Alt
Temporarily switch between Add Anchor Point and Delete Anchor Point toolAlt
Temporarily select Add Anchor Point toolScissors tool+Alt
Keep Pen tool selected when pointer is over path or anchor pointPen tool+Shift
Move anchor point and handles while drawingPen tool+spacebar
Display the Stroke panelF10
Insert or delete rows or columns while draggingBegin dragging row or column border, and then hold down Alt as you drag
Resize rows or columns without changing the size of the tableShift–drag interior row or column border
Resize rows or columns proportionallyShift–drag right or bottom table border
Move to next/previous cellTab/Shift+Tab
Move to first/last cell in columnAlt+Page Up/ Alt+Page Down
Move to first/last cell in rowAlt+Home/ Alt+End
Move to first/last row in framePage Up/Page Down
Move up/down one cellUp Arrow/Down Arrow
Move left/right one cellLeft Arrow/Right Arrow
Select cell above/below the current cellShift+Up Arrow/ Shift+Down Arrow
Select cell to the right/left of the current cellShift+Right Arrow/ Shift+Left Arrow
Start row on next columnEnter (numeric keypad)
Start row on next frameShift+Enter (numeric keypad)
Toggle between text selection and cell selectionEsc
Insert selected text into Find What boxCtrl+F1
Insert selected text into Find What box and finds nextShift+F1
Find next occurrence of Find What textShift+F2 or Alt+Ctrl+F
Insert selected text into Change To boxCtrl+F2
Replace selection with Change To textCtrl+F3
Bold (only for fonts with bold face)Shift+Ctrl+B
Italic (only for fonts with italic face)Shift+Ctrl+I
All caps (on/off)Shift+Ctrl+K
Asian language hyphenationShift+Ctrl+K
Small caps (on/off)Shift+Ctrl+H
Tate-chu-yoko settingShift+Ctrl+H
SuperscriptShift+Ctrl+(+) [plus sign]
SubscriptShift+Alt+Ctrl+(+) [plus sign]
Reset horizontal or vertical scale to 100%Shift+Ctrl+X or Shift+Alt+Ctrl+X
Basic letter group setting or detail settingShift+Ctrl+X or Shift+Alt+Ctrl+X
Align left, right, or centerShift+Ctrl+L, R, or C
Justify all linesShift+Ctrl+F (all lines) or J (all but last line)
Align both ends or equal spacingShift+Ctrl+F (align both end) or J (equal spacing)
Increase or decrease point sizeShift+Ctrl+> or <
Increase or decrease point size by five timesShift+Ctrl+Alt+> or <
Increase or decrease leading (horizontal text)Alt+Up Arrow/ Alt+Down Arrow
Increase or decrease leading (vertical text)Alt+Right Arrow/ Alt+Left Arrow
Increase or decrease leading by five times (horizontal text)Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow/ Alt+Ctrl+Down Arrow
Increase or decrease leading by five times (vertical text)Alt+Ctrl+Right Arrow/ Alt+Ctrl+Left Arrow
Auto leadingShift+Alt+Ctrl+A
Align to grid (on/off)Shift+Alt+Ctrl+G
Auto-hyphenate (on/off)Shift+Alt+Ctrl+H
Increase or decrease kerning and tracking (horizontal text)Alt+Left Arrow/Alt+Right Arrow
Increase or decrease kerning and tracking (vertical text)Alt+Up Arrow/ Alt+Down Arrow
Increase or decrease kerning and tracking by five times (horizontal text)Alt+Ctrl+Left Arrow/ Alt+Ctrl+Right Arrow
Increase or decrease kerning and tracking by five times (vertical text)Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow/ Alt+Ctrl+Down Arrow
Increase kerning between wordsAlt+Ctrl+\
Decrease kerning between wordsAlt+Ctrl+Backspace
Clear all manual kerning and reset tracking to 0Alt+Ctrl+Q
Increase or decrease baseline shift (horizontal text)Shift+Alt+Up Arrow/ Shift+Alt+Down Arrow
Increase or decrease baseline shift (vertical text)Shift+Alt+Right Arrow/ Shift+Alt+Left Arrow
Increase or decrease baseline shift by five times (horizontal text)Shift+Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow/ Shift+Alt+Ctrl+Down Arrow
Increase or decrease baseline shift by five times (vertical text)Shift+Alt+Ctrl+Right Arrow/ Shift+Alt+Ctrl+Left Arrow
Automatically flow storyShift–click loaded text icon
Semi-automatically flow storyAlt–click loaded text icon
Recompose all storiesAlt+Ctrl+/
Insert current page numberAlt+Ctrl+N
Move to right or left one characterRight Arrow/ Left Arrow
Move up or down one lineUp Arrow/ Down Arrow
Move to right or left one wordCtrl+Right Arrow/ Ctrl+Left Arrow
Move to start or end of lineHome/End
Move to previous or next paragraphCtrl+Up Arrow/ Ctrl+Down Arrow
Move to start or end of storyCtrl+Home/ Ctrl+End
Select one wordDouble-click word
Select one character right or leftShift+Right Arrow/ Shift+Left Arrow
Select one line above or belowShift+Up Arrow/ Shift+Down Arrow
Select start or end of lineShift+Home/ Shift+End
Select one paragraphTriple-click or quadruple-click paragraph, depending on Text Preferences setting
Select one paragraph before or afterShift+Ctrl+Up Arrow/ Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow
Select current lineShift+Ctrl+\
Select characters from insertion pointShift–click
Select start or end of storyShift+Ctrl+Home/ Shift+Ctrl+End
Select all in storyCtrl+A
Select first/last frameShift+Alt+Ctrl+Page Up/ Shift+Alt+Ctrl+Page Down
Select previous/next frameAlt+Ctrl+Page Up/ Alt+Ctrl+Page Down
Delete word in front of insertion point (Story Editor)Ctrl+Backspace or Delete
Update missing font listCtrl+Alt+Shift+/
Temporarily select Hand toolSpacebar (with no text insertion point), Alt-drag (with text insertion point), or Alt+spacebar (in both text and non-text modes)
Temporarily select Zoom In toolCtrl+spacebar
Temporarily select Zoom Out toolAlt+Ctrl+spacebar or Alt+Zoom In tool
Zoom to 50%, 200%, or 400%Ctrl+5, 2, or 4
Redraw screenShift+F5
Open new default documentCtrl+Alt+N
Switch between current and previous zoom levelsAlt+Ctrl+2
Switch to next/previous document windowCtrl+~ [tilde]/ Shift+Ctrl+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+~ [tilde]
Scroll up/down one screenPage Up/Page Down
Go back/forward to last-viewed pageCtrl+Page Up/ Ctrl+Page Down
Go to previous/next spreadAlt+Page Up/ Alt+Page Down
Fit spread in windowDouble-click Hand tool
Activate the Go To commandCtrl+J
Fit selection in windowCtrl+Alt+(+) [plus sign]
Display the entire objectCtrl+Alt+(+) [plus sign]
Go to master page while \ panel is closedCtrl+J, type prefix of master, press Enter
Cycle through units of measurementShift+Alt+Ctrl+U
Snap guide to ruler incrementsShift–drag guide
Switch between page and spread guides (creation only)Ctrl–drag guide
Temporarily turn on/off snap to 
Create vertical and horizontal ruler guides for the spreadCtrl–drag from zero point
Select all guidesAlt+Ctrl+G
Lock or unlock zero pointRight-click zero point and choose an option
Use current magnification for view threshold of new guideAlt–drag guide
Select buttons in alert dialog boxesPress first letter of button name, if underlined
Show information on installed plug‑ins and InDesign componentsCtrl+Help > About Design
Toggle focus to/from Control panelCtrl+6
Toggle Character/Paragraph text attributes modeCtrl+Alt+7
Change reference point when proxy has focusAny key on the numeric keypad or keyboard numbers
Display the pop-up menu that has focusAlt+Down Arrow
Open Units & Increments PreferencesAlt-click Kerning icon
Open the Text Frame Options dialog boxAlt-click Number Of Columns icon
Open the Move dialog boxAlt-click X or Y icon
Open the Rotate dialog boxAlt-click Angle icon
Open the Scale dialog boxAlt-click X or Y Scale icon
Open the Shear dialog boxAlt-click Shear icon
Open Text PreferencesAlt-click Superscript, Subscript, or Small Caps button
Open the Underline Options dialog boxAlt-click Underline button
Open the Strikethrough Options dialog boxAlt-click Strikethrough button
Open the Grids PreferencesAlt-click Align To Baseline Grid, or Do Not Align To Baseline Grid button
Open the Drop Caps & Nested Styles dialog boxAlt-click Drop Cap Number Of Lines, or Drop Cap One Or More Characters icon
Open the Justification dialog boxAlt-click Leading icon
Open Named Grid dialog boxDouble-click Named Grid icon
Open New Named Grid Options dialog boxAlt-click Named Grid icon
Open Frame Grid Options dialog boxAlt-click Number of characters Horizontal, Number of Characters Vertical, Character Aki, Line Aki, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale, Grid View, Font Size, Number of Columns, or Column Gutter icon
Open Justification dialog boxAlt+Ctrl+Shift+J
Open Paragraph Rules dialog boxAlt+Ctrl+J
Open Keep Options dialog boxAlt+Ctrl+K
Activate Character panelCtrl+T
Activate Paragraph panelCtrl+Alt+T
Open Justification dialog boxAlt+Ctrl+Shift+J
Open Paragraph Rules dialog boxAlt+Ctrl+J
Open Keep Options dialog boxAlt+Ctrl+K
Activate Character panelCtrl+T
Activate Paragraph panelCtrl+Alt+T
Activate Tabs panelShift+Ctrl+T
Switch between alignment optionsAlt-click tab
Select all objects on layerAlt-click layer
Copy selection to new layerAlt-drag small square to new layer
Add new layer below selected layerCtrl-click Create New Layer
Add new layer to the top of the layer listShift+Ctrl-click Create New Layer
Add new layer to the top of the layer list and open New Layer dialog boxShift+Alt+Ctrl-click Create New Layer
Add new layer and open New Layer dialog boxAlt-click Create New Layer
Apply master to selected pageAlt-click master
Base another master page on selected masterAlt-click the master you want to base the selected master on
Create master pageCtrl-click Create New Page button
Display Insert Pages dialog boxAlt-click New Page button
Add new page after last pageShift+Ctrl+P
Move color sliders in tandemShift-drag slider
Select a color for the nonactive fill or strokeAlt-click color bar
Switch between color modes (CMYK, RGB, LAB)Shift-click color bar
Turn on Overprint previewCtrl+Alt+Shift+Y
Show all platesCtrl+Alt+Shift+~ [tilde]
Show Cyan plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+1
Show Magenta plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+2
Show Yellow plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+3
Show Black plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+4
Show 1st Spot plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+5
Show 2nd Spot plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+6
Show 3rd Spot plateCtrl+Alt+Shift+7
Create new swatch based on the current swatchAlt-click New Swatch button
Create spot color swatch based on the current swatchAlt+Ctrl-click New Swatch button
Change options without applying swatchShift+Alt+Ctrl-double-click swatch
  • Apply value and copy object: Alt+Enter
  • Apply width, height, or scale value proportionally; Ctrl+Enter

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